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The maasai people have a unique lifestyle and deep rooted traditional practises.To detach them from these practises,we need to do aggressive evangelism and continous teaching of God's word.As you already aware some of these practises do not match with the word of Gid hence pose a great challenge to Christianity and hinders the work of God.A good example of the bad traditions within the maasai community is worshipping a traditional medicine man(Diviner) who they consult in different occassions such as initiations,weddings,war and times of sacrifice when asking for rain.The surroundind community(Maasai) also encourages Female Genital Mutilation(FGM) forced and early marriage just to mention but a few


Apart from Christianity,other religions and cults are taking advantage of poverty and ignorance and therefore use all means to hook people by meeting their basic needs.In fact some young Maasai boys and girls have been fully sponsored to schools and colleges but not without the obvious condition of converting to strange religions

This therefore instigated the church to call for mobilization of resources to enable the church to take gospel to the whole region,sponsor regional conferences,organize crusades and establish discipleship classes and sponsor evangelistic crusades.Some of the new churches that have been planted by SPC are very far interior and the roads are in a pathetic condition.It is only four-wheel drive vehicles which are able to reach there but they tend to demand alot in terms of fuel and maintanance

Developing resources for SPC

Ministry resource centre

Shekinah Properties Ltd

Schools and collleges

It is therefore my joy to welcome you to one of our many great services and be able to glorify the Lord with us

Weekly Worship Guide

Sunday Service Intercessions 7:00-8:00 a.m
  First Service 8:00-10:15a.m
  Second Service 10:30-1:00p.m
  Children's church 12:00-1:00p.m
Monday-Friday Morning Devotion 6:00-7:00a.m
Every 3rd friday of the Month KESHA  
Saturday Choir rehersals and prayers 3:00p.m
HOme Churches Different days of the week

Our Vision is to be a Christ centered Bible teaching churchdedicated to helping develop the spiritual growth of each member of the family and equip them to become active in the ministry

There is not a good man left,no, not one.Both the Jew and Pagan have sinned and forfeited God's glory and both are justified throgh the free gift of His Grace by being redeemed in Christ Jesus

Holy Bible - Romans 3:9,10